I know the founders personally and they are extremely knowledgeable in the different level of the relative field. I hope they will make this industry more transparent with this initiative. Good Luck!

Anand G

BAUENGURU is a process driven company which aims to make the B2B procurement processes of construction companies more efficient.

Jaideep Raje

As far great support is concerned, the team behind Bauenguru is confident, energetic and has the customer satisfaction mindset in common. Wishing them best of luck!

Subhash Suvarna

Most of my building materials were supplied by BG. The prices and the delivery was too good. We saved time and energy along with around 20% cost on my builidng materials.

Their response to customer is excellent. We wish them success in execution also.

Mallikarjuna K

Light weight blocks, tiles, plywood, paints and TMT were supplied by Bauenguru team. Am personally happy to say that they have quick turnaround on request. They offer good quality materials and also help the customer to choose the right product. Cost is very favourable to the customers. 

Narayana Shetty