Our team at Bauenguru Pvt. Ltd. have vast experience in getting new builds off the ground and complete, within budget and on time. A successful new build project is like a large construction jigsaw, where each piece has to fit to see the bigger picture.

To ensure the pieces fall into place perfectly, we can provide consultancy on design, energy consumption, ventilation, aesthetics, state of the art materials and more. Our team can provide new build solutions for all types of rural, commercial or residential property.

Bauenguru has the complete new build package to deliver your project the way you want it. We have a proven track record you can rely on.

Our team can liaise with other professionals on the new build, such as external architects, building control, site inspections, contractors, visit on or off site, whatever is needed for smooth completion. Alternatively, we have all the skills within our team to design, build and deliver the project from start to finish.

We guarantee your new build from the moment pen is put to design paper to when the key goes through the front door. Call or email us to see how we can make your new build become a reality.