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ANSI INDIA Cobble Stone 10x10x10 Kandla
Product Model
Brand Ansi India
Colour Kandla
Size 10x10x10

ANSI or Associated Natural Stones India is a private company that deals in stones and marbles and offers its customers all sorts of usages of those materials. Tiles, veneers, slabs, mosaics, wall cladding etc. all are the products that are created here from natural stones of various types. So, if you need interior or exterior stone makeover contact this Delhi company.

Handling Procedure: Before placing the marbles or stones, make sure that the surface is dry, smooth, and clean for the best outcome. If any damages on uneven areas occurred, repair it before installing the stones. Draw a proper layout at beginning of installation. Apply the adhesives and install following the instruction on the instruction booklet. Always try to wash the marble with clean water instead of any chemical if it is not needed.

Safe Storage: Stones and Marbles of different types, sizes, and classifications should be stored separately. These shall be stacked on a dry firm ground. A regular heap of maximum 1m in height should be used for stacking. Two different adjacent stacks should be kept at a distance of minimum 0.8m.