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We consider a home as not just a harbor, it's a dream comes true and moreover, a lifetime asset. Its ceiling shelters joy and happiness, its walls embrace memories, and its reposeful corners give the much-needed pause. Not only a home but every edifice no matter if it's a residential complex, an office building or a shopping mall, the base of every construction should be safe and solid. Keeping this in mind, Bauenguru has come up with its advanced B2B online marketplace for all your construction needs. We are a PAN-India based online construction material company aiming to bridge the gap between the suppliers and the contractors by discarding the indirect costs. We have our presence in all cities of Haryana and Punjab including Bengaluru and Mangaluru in Karnataka. We are headquartered in Bengaluru and looking forward to expanding our services in other cities soon. Formed by expert construction professionals, Bauenguru is in the business of making construction material deals transparent. With us, you can shop from a wide range of branded construction materials at a visibly competitive price.

We have the best comprehensive deals for you in:
  • Building Materials
  • Plumbing Materials
  • Walls & Flooring Materials
  • Landscaping Products
  • Tools & Spares
  • Electrical Products
  • Hardware & Carpentry Tools
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Materials
  • Home Designs & Paints
As being from the different level of construction fields, we understand your construction needs and thus we value your time and profitability. In the vast field of online construction material dealers, our core competencies differentiate us to proudly stand in the first row. To name a few :
  • We use the advanced technology to give our customer the feel of a unique online store
  • With the help of our industry affiliation and subject knowledge, we guarantee the best competitive rates
  • We are a PAN-India based company dealing with Exclusive Green Products
  • We provide Voice-Search option along with product comparison and order tracking features
  • You can avail Cash on Delivery option with Money Back Guarantee along with EMI on Credit Cards
  • We upload Articles and Videos on Process Training over time
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Our Vision

To achieve organizational strengths and brand building to enhance profitability and diversify in procurement business for the construction sector.

Bauenguru’s continuous process improvement, openness, transparency, new trends adoption including early involvement.

Our Mission

To be respected as a compliant, transparent, innovative, profitable, informative company in procurement processes.

Technology-driven internal operating structures including providing business solutions to partners during operations.

Demonstrating business ethics & employee conduct thereby emerging as the best place to work, with an objective to grow in national and international arenas.